The Elmira Art Exhibit (“EAE”) was developed together by the Downtown Elmira BIA and the Township of Woolwich with the purpose of impacting both the arts and culture industry and local business community.

Consisting of 1 large mural and 9 8×8 murals displayed around the downtown core,
the EAE tells the unique story of “My Elmira”. Learn more here.

Artist Profiles

“Ferguson Twenty 85”

“Joyful in Hope”

“Milky Wave”

“Strength of Roots”

“Carriage Ride Home”

Lori Zenker

“Welcome Home”

Melissa Passmore

“Sharing the Bounty”

Michael Brown

“On the Pond”

Carol Folino

“For Better or For Worse”

Stephanie Scott

Mural Artist

Art Walk Map

Art Walk

Watch Jax Rula and Adrienne Carter from the Three Sisters Cultural Centre as they set out on an art walk to view all 10 murals.