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Susan Weber

“Milky Wave”

Medium: Behr Sample Semi‐Gloss Enamel on 2×4 Plywood
Location: Kitchen Kutttings, South Side

How it Describes “My Elmira”

I spoke to Andrew Brubacher (Lize Schuurmans) to clear the submission of the artwork and the inspiration writeup. He said no one had a problem with it. My dad milked Holstein cows. He drove John Deere tractors. His faith and family were important to him. Our two families have many things in common. Elmira was traditionally a farming community and still is. Built around the ethics of hard work, community involvement, ingenuity and being a good neighbour. My dad was involved with planning the first Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. The beginnings of combining farming and commerce. This painting reminds us of what is just outside the streets of Elmira and is a warm memory of my childhood as well.

Artist Statement

In 2018, Bettina and Henk Schuurmans began a cross‐country tour on a John Deere tractor to promote Canadian milk. While driving through the Prairies, a transport truck hit their tractor, taking the life of Bettina. This painting was inspired by their commitment to our farming community, their warmth and openness, and their adventurous spirit, (as well as Bettina’s love of sunflowers). Elmira and the people of Woolwich are like that – welcoming, caring, creative, generous and respectful. Our rural roots run deep, and the community is always open to growth and new people, ideas and opportunities.


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Watch Susan Weber’s video to learn more about “Milky Wave”

Artist Bio

I have been living in St. Jacobs for the past 17 years having grown up on a dairy farm between Conestogo and St. Jacobs. I took up painting almost 4 years ago when I wanted a corn hole game. I started with small brushes from the Dollar Store and now paint with a toothpick. My inspiration comes from my life experiences of my family and our Woolwich community.