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This program provides financial incentives to promote the rehabilitation, restoration, and improvement of the front, rear, and/or side façades of commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

Description & General Terms

The Façade Improvement Grant Program is available to businesses within the Community Improvement Area (as outlined in the BIA Boundary Map) through the provision of financial assistance to eligible owners/applicants.

What Can Be Done

Applicants are eligible to apply for program funding, pending compliance with the general requirements and funding availability as approved by Council. The following building façade restoration and improvements are eligible for a grant under this program:

  1. Redesign of the store front.
  2. Restoration of original façade appearance.
  3. Repainting or cleaning of the façade and those parts of the building visible from adjacent streets or public areas.
  4. Restoration of façade masonry, brickwork or wood and metal cladding.
  5. Replacement or repair of cornices, eaves, parapets and other architectural features.
  6. Replacement or repair of windows & doors.
  7. Replacement or repair of canopies and awnings.
  8. Entrance-way modifications including provisions to improve/provide barrier-free accessibility, improvements should be in line with AODA standards.
  9. Replacement or repair of signage and/or installation of appropriate new or refurbished signage. This includes signage that is fixed to the buildings face. Signage replacement and/or installation is only permitted through Township approval.
  10. Installation, repair or conversion of exterior lighting on the façade.
  11. Such other similar improvements to the building exterior as may be approved by the CIAP, assigned Township staff and Township’s Chief Building Official (as needed).


– The Township will cover 30% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of $5,000.

– Before a Township cheque is issued, the applicant must submit proof of payment for approved eligible completed work.

– Costs exceeding the maximum grant value shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

– Successful applicants will enter into an agreement with the Township which will outline the specific terms of the grant program.

*Pending amendments by Council

Who is Eligible

– Registered owners, assessed owners and tenants of lands and buildings, and any person to whom such an owner or tenant has assigned the rights for the subject property.

– Only commercial properties are eligible for signage grant funding.

– Township staff will review the property tax record. Property owners who are in arrears of property taxes, local improvement charges or any other municipal accounts receivable on the subject property are not eligible to receive the grant.

– The applicant must not have any outstanding BIA levy arrears at the time of application or during the term of the grant.

– Outstanding work orders (building, fire, zoning, etc.) must be satisfied prior to funding approval.


The application for the first round of submissions will be on April 29, 2022. Pending funds available following the first submission, the date for the second submission is TBD. Please reach out to Board Chair, Jon Clay for further inquiries at

Façade Improvement Grant Program Application Form

If you would like to fill out a paper copy, please contact Jon Clay, BIA Board Chair at to arrange pickup at SOS Physiotherapy Elmira.