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The Downtown Elmira Art Exhibit adds vibrancy to street life in in Elmira. Started in 2021 with 9 digitized art installations throughout the downtown Elmira core, the Downtown Elmira Art Exhibit is ready to expand. It is time to add more art by beautifying 10 planter boxes that are in the same area. Submissions must be the sole work of the artist. Each artist can submit a maximum of three (3) entries.


“My Elmira” – Elmira is a charming town; the largest within Woolwich township. It is a growing community known for fresh produce, locally grown from farms that surround it. Perhaps you have a memory of Elmira’s past or present that should be showcased to locals and those passing through. Perhaps you have a vision of what Elmira will become as the population continues to grow. Maybe you simply have a message you feel belongs within the community. Now is the time to tell us: What’s your Elmira?


Visual Art – Your choice. The final displayed piece will be a photo of your artwork that is professionally photographed, printed, and installed on planter boxes in Downtown Elmira. The planter boxes are  48”w x  24”d x  22.5 h. The submitted art does not have to be this size, but the digital image will be cropped and re-formatted to fit for the final display.

Call For Entry Deadline

Deadline: Saturday June 15th/2024 11:59 pm. You will be notified of your success by the end of June. The Downtown Elmira Art Exhibit steering Committee and Jax Rula of the TriSisters Art House will oversee the jury process. Their decision is final. 


By submitting the following form, the artist agrees that:

The Downtown Elmira BIA will arrange and pay to professionally photograph the work. The artist will be responsible for delivering and retrieving their approved work to photographer of our choice within Waterloo Region to complete this high resolution digitization. The Downtown Elmira Art Exhibit Steering Committee’s project schedule is based upon the Artist providing the deliverables during a confirmed time in July 2024. The Steering Committee therefore reserves the right to exclude the Artist in the selection process in whole or in part without penalty if the delivery requirements are not met.

The Downtown Elmira BIA will pay the accepted artists a fee of $500, including taxes. The Artist fee includes the use of photographic reproductions of artwork for media, marketing and promotional purposes connected with the Project. The fees will be paid to the Artist once our professional photography has been confirmed.

The Artist retains copyright of the works included in the project and will be acknowledged with a courtesy credit alongside reproductions of the work in all materials related to the exhibition. The Artist permits the Elmira BIA to allow media representatives to photograph, publish or reproduce the Artist’s completed work in any form of media, marketing or promotional intent within the project.

The Artist warrants that the art submitted for the purpose of this project will not infringe any valid, third-party patents or copyrights existing at the time of submission, and that it is in whole art that has been created by the Artist.

Please submit by filling in the following form. The jury will be making their choice based on the submitted images. Please make them clear, well lit, and cleanly cropped. 


Submitted images must be properly labeled: Artist Name- Name of piece – medium.  Submitted images must be in jpeg, jpg or png format. Each artist may submit up to three pieces. Images must be no larger than 5 mg. 

Complete the form below to enter

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What motivated you to be creative?
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Artwork 1

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High resolution, 300 dpi digital files, at least 3MG

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High resolution, 300 dpi digital files, at least 3MG

Artwork 3

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High resolution, 300 dpi digital files, at least 3MG

If you are experiencing any difficulties uploading your images, please submit your response to [email protected]